//Paradise Pictures

The Malay Man and His Chinese Father

Archival Recording 2016

by Akulah Bimbo Sakti


The Malay Man, left to care for his aging and decaying Chinese Father, seeks only to love his father till death if only to know who his mother is, or was. That was the Chinese Father’s promise to his Malay and only son. The Chinese Father, anticipating his final breath to be in the arms of his Malay son, can only desire to see his Malay son take off the kebaya forever – or at least till he dies. The Malay Son looks too much like the woman the Chinese Father had once loved and who had given him his Malay Son, but the Chinese Father forgets. Death is inevitable, but the satisfaction in knowing will be sought and must be achieved, and neither the Malay Son nor his Chinese Father will be denied this pleasure.


Michael Tan
Yazid Jalil


Director: Noor Effendy Ibrahim
Production/Stage Manager: Clarisse Ng
Dramaturg: Charlene Rajendran
Lighting Designer: Yeo Hon Beng
Multimedia Artist: Wu Jun Han