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Ondeh Ondeh Cake by inthebrickyard

Our ondeh-ondeh cake, made with our signature pandan cake, sandwiching gula melaka pudding and finished off with coconut shavings. This is inspired by the traditional kueh called ondeh ondeh. 

The ondeh ondeh cake is the first ever cake that ITBY has created, and it has since been our favourite and our customers’ favourite as well! Using only the freshest ingredients, we extract the pandan extract from fresh leaves picked by hand and carefully sourced gula melaka in order to maintain the highest of quality and taste. It is also made less sweet so that everyone can have a second slice! 

Follow us on the video to learn more about our baking process of this bestseller! 

If you would like to learn how to bake this, 1st September, 2-5pm.

1) Hands-on bake our versatile chiffon recipe, which you can tweak to flavours of your choice. How we keep it soft and still able to stack!

2) Slice even cake layers

3) Achieve smooth sharp frosting finish. 

>>>>All in good time and little wastage.

4) You will actively assemble this bestseller, take away all the precious well-researched and practiced recipes for EVERY component of the cake 

5) Bring home an additional chiffon sponge for you to practice on!

We are so excited to bake WITH you! Book a space through direct message or WhatsApp to 82880402 to indicate your interest for our 1st September class!

This class is priced at $138, comes with (#6!!!) bonus of photography (by yours truly) of you in action! Let us capture your influencer moments for you & your creation! 😛 See you there!