//Paradise Pictures

Si Woof Woof

Archival Recording 2016

by Akulah Bimbo Sakti


Akulah Bimbo Sakti revisits Si Woof Woof (The Story of Woof Woof), a collaborative piece between visual artists and theatre/performance art practitioners in Singapore. Set in a surreal landscape, the story of the relationship between a childless couple and a dog unfolds.

A married couple is childless. Each day, the wife climbs onto the roof of their house and jumps off from sunrise to sunset. Meanwhile, the husband digs a hole large enough to bury a man. At night, the husband nurses the wife's wounds while whispering songs of love and tenderness.

One day, an injured and hungry dog, Woof Woof, appears at their doorstep, but it is beaten and chased away by the couple. Woof Woof returns again and again until the husband takes pity on the dog and begins to nurse and feed him. The relationship between man and dog grows, making the wife jealous. Threatened by their blurring relationship, the wife decides to save her marriage at all costs.


M. Haja
Ian Loy
Farah Ong


Suhaili Safari


Director: Noor Effendy Ibrahim
Production/Stage Manager: Clarisse Ng
Installation Artist: Ryf Zaini
Dramaturg: Elizabeth De Roza
Photographer: Shawn Byron Danker
Publicity Designer: KILAS